Monday, 21 March 2016

@SOU - Southam SNT Newsletter 21/03/2016

Long Itchinton Ward.

Incident No- 0105-Odingsell Drive -23/02/2016

Unknown person or persons removed a removable “tow-bar” from
a Landrover Discovery. parked on owners drive outside his property.

Incident No.-263- Adams Close – 24/02/2016

Damage Only-
A car parked outside property,was damaged along passenger door
with sharp instrument,causing large scratch to paintwork.
Incident happened between 15.00 hrs on 22/2 and 0800 hrs on 23/2

Southam Ward

Incident No.-0252-Southam By-Pass 3/3/2016

This property was entered between 1/3 and 3/3.
An untidy search of all rooms made but owner unsure if anything taken.
No sign of forced entry.

Harbury Ward.

Incident No-364- Chapel Street-28/02/2016

Owner left property in early morning and secured it and double checked it
before leaving,On returning in late afternoon found the front door open but no
sign of forced entry,Owner still checking if anything has been taken..

Incident No-171-Bull Ring Farm Road-1/3/2016

Theft – Other
Various items taken from building site,including,
pick axe,wrecking bar,lump hammer and a sledge hammer
Total value £50.

Incident No-364-Warwick Services-1/3/2016

Theft from Motor Vehicle
Merc CLS 220 parked on second row of car park next to “Welcome” sign.
Various items taken from car, Toshiba Laptop, Mont Blanc Pen,
Untidy search of boot and glove box, vehicle left locked.
Incident happened between 18.20pm and 18.30 pm.

Incident No-106-Hall Lane-5/3/2016

Side window of property smashed,owner checking to see if anything has
been taken.

Incident No-135-Hall Lane-5/3/2016

Between 4/3 and 5/3 persons unknown have attempted to gain entry
to the property via the conservatory doors at rear,causing damage to doors.

Napton Ward

Incident No-184-High Street-29/02/2016

A concrete “Budda”head 18” high and very heavy.taken from garden
of pub.Entry gained through car park,up some steps.Several persons
would have been needed to carry it.

Warwickshire Police Rural 4X4 Vehicle in Southam Area

Southam SNT officers patrolled the green lanes between 9am and 3pm
across the Southam area including Welsh Road West,and the quarry
at Napton following reports of motorcycles and 4x4’s misusing the lanes.

Nothing sighted during the patrol.A number of engages were carried out
with locals who were dog walking in these areas who were pleased to see
Police and were supportive of the action taken.

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