Wednesday, 31 July 2019

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@WAR - Gold theft in Warwick area

Be Vigilance in Home Security

Warwickshire Police are aware of the theft of Asian gold in the Warwick area.
Please review your home security measures by taking the advice below to help prevent further incidents of theft.
  • Be safe. Lock all doors and windows when going out even if for only a short time.           If you are home in the back garden secure all front doors and windows.

  • Be vigilant.  Cold callers may visit a property for all sorts of reasons. Ask for ID and do not allow unexpected strangers into your home for any reason. Report any suspicious activity.

  • Be aware. Keep a note of suspicious or unexplained vehicles in your area. Take note of the vehicle registration. Report vehicles that cause you concern.

Please remember if you have seen or heard anything suspicious or odd, however small, then report it to Warwickshire Police on 101
    For further advice on Home Security click here

@NAT - Why are men attracted to extremism?

If you can, take just a couple of minutes to hear the vulnerabilities in common that can draw young people to extremism, and leaves us with the question, how can we safeguard them?
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Through her work @Deeyah_Khan has found that the types of men attracted to extremist movements are essentially the same – whether it’s a jihadi or a neo-Nazi.


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