Monday, 20 June 2016

@SOU - Southam SNT Update


Southam Ward

Incident 217 - 08/04/2016

Informant reported there was a theft of block paving at Coventry Street, Southam, taken over Easter weekend. Was approximately a pallet load of slabs, no known CCTV cameras covering location.

Incident 157 - 14/04/2016

Between the 13th and 14th of April, Street lights in the area of Little Park, Southam had been knocked down for the second time.

Incident 38 - 16/04/2016

Informant calling to report that between 2:30pm and 10:50pm on the 15th of April, there was a theft of one of the rear wheels of their Green Ford Puma car which was parked outside on a driveway, on Bridge End, Southam.

Incident 54 - 19/04/2016

The incident number refers to a burglary from a unit on Westfield Road; unknown offenders stole a white Mercedes van which was then located on Station Road, Southam a short while later.

Incident 45 - 26/04/2016

Informant reporting van being broken into and searched. Offenders stole 2x Milwake Screw Guns and a stereo, occurred between 6:00pm to 7:30am - 25th to 26th of March on Lime Road, Southam.

Incident 212 - 26/04/2016

Informant reporting that at 11:26pm on 25th March, at Welsh Road East, Southam, three offenders attempted to break into a homemade shed/ container. Offenders used bolt croppers, looked inside, and realised there was nothing to take. A silhouette of a vehicle appearing to be a 4x4 spotted, but due to darkness unable to distinguish any more details, 2 offenders in hoodies, one wearing light clothing.

 Incident 276 - 26/04/2016

Informant is the owner of a caravan stolen from the Welsh Road East, Southam. All the locks on the van were broken off, offenders made there escape across an open field. The caravan is a – Fleetwood Sonata Symphony Caravan Single Axle.

Incident 82 - 11/05/2016

Informant reported theft of a caravan at Knightcote, Southam. Caravan is a Lunar Venu 5004 single Axle, mainly white with a purple stripe down the side. Unknown offenders made their escape by towing caravan back across open field.

Long Itchington Ward

Incident 107 - 26/04/2016

Offenders had entered the rear garden of the home address on Leigh Crescent, Long Itchington by unknown means and entered shed at the rear of the garden. Offenders then stole a power washer and made their escape. No CCTV and no witnesses.

Incident 109 - 02/05/2016

Informant reported a break into studio in the rear of their garden, thought to have occurred between 11:00pm – 11:45am the next day. The large shed was used as a studio. The door had been forced open by unknown offenders and both the door and lock has been damaged. Entry was then gained and the following items were stolen - ; 5 guitars in total, a Gibson Lead guitar, a black and white Encore Bass guitar, a 6 string Electro Acoustic guitar, a 6 String blue Electro/ Acoustic guitar and a Martin Smith guitar. Offenders had wrecked the inside of the studio.

Napton Ward

Incident 335 - 04/05/2016

Informant reporting that on Station Road, Stockton, a male came to the area yesterday trying to sell lawn mowers and generators. Then on the 4th of May informant reported that the male had just returned in a different vehicle. He was again trying to sell generators. A description of him is as follows: He has an Irish accent, was dressed smartly, 40 approx, slim build and short dark hair.

Fenny Compton Ward

Incident 399 - 28/04/2016

Informant reporting theft of son’s GEBTS grey Carrera Falcon mountain bike. Had been left unattended at front of house by the garage on The Holloway in Priors Marston. Informant was not sure of exact times of theft but believed it was after 3:30pm the day before. No CCTV although neighbours did see four males hanging around.

Harbury Ward

No notable incidents.

If you have any information regarding any of these incidents please call 101

Community Forum
The community voted and the next community priorities are as follows;
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
Rural crime patrols

The next community forum will be on Wednesday 21st September

@WEl - Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team Report

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team Report 60 – 18.06.16
This report from the Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team covers the wards of Snitterfield, Wellesbourne, Kineton and Burton Dassett.
The following incidents, for the period between 30.05.16 and 18.05.16 have been reported, at the times indicated. If you have any information, please call 101.
Charlecote – Charlecote Park
Damage - Between 1500hrs 11/06 and 15.30 12/06
Pottery water feature has been damaged by having logs thrown at it - £2500 damage
Snitterfield – Church Road
Burglary – 07/06/16
Back door to property forced and lock removed. Nothing confirmed as stolen. Silver hatchback, possibly Peugeot, seen in the area at the time of incident.
Snitterfield – Stratford Oaks Golf Course
Burglary – 03/06/16
Stihl industrial strimmer stolen from unsecured shed
Snitterfield – The Green
Burglary – Between 0900hrs and 1700hrs a sit on lawn-mower stolen
Wellesbourne – Loxley Close
Vehicle crime – Between 1030hrs Saturday and 0830hrs Sunday (11/12 06 16)
Three tyres of a Peugeot damaged by sharp implement whilst vehicle was parked at the roadside
Wellesbourne – Westfield Crescent
Suspicious circumstances
Report of two white males asking, in broken English, for accommodation - aged approximately in their 60s and 20s.
Kineton – Banbury Street
Anti-social behaviour – 16/06/16
Report of a vehicle driving at speed, loud braking and musical horn sounding between 2000hrs and 2300hrs
Kineton – Banbury Road
Burglary – 14/06/16
Bolt cutters used to enter steel container on driveway and a black Canyon mountain bike, strimmer, chain saw and drill stolen
Kineton – Banbury Road
Burglary – 14/06/16
Site office broken into and a laptop taken
Kineton – Green Farm End
Vehicle crime – 11/06/16
Renault Scenic – damage caused to offside wing mirror and front VRN ripped off
Kineton – Glosters Green
Anti-social behaviour – 05/06/16
Reports of two females and one male, shouting, swearing and kicking cemetery gates and road signs
Burton Dassett
Anti-social behaviour – 09/06/16
Report of white Land Rover racing around the fields and passing close to informant’s dogs

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Friday, 17 June 2016

@ALN - Burglary at home in Rising Lane, Lapworth

Please be aware that at some time between 2 and 12 June, offenders smashed a rear ground floor window at a home in Rising Lane, Lapworth with a brick.

The offenders also used an implement to prise open the rear patio door.

Once inside the house, the offenders carried out a search before making off with several items.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything of concern, to Police, on 101.

Thank you

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@WAS - Garage burglary at home in Freers Mews, Warwick

Please be aware that during the night of 12 into 13 June, offenders entered the rear garden of a home in Freers Mews, Warwick, through a side gate and then entered an insecure garage.

Once inside, the offenders stole a grey Claude Cutler Urban 400 gents hybrid cycle with black saddle and grips.

If you have information relating to this incident, please contact Police on 101, quoting incident number 390 of 13 June.

Thank you

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@ALN - Chicken house stolen from premises in Snitterfield Road, Bearley

Please be aware that between 1.45 and 2.15pm on 13 June, offenders stole a wooden chicken house from a rural business premises in Snitterfield Road, Bearley.

The offenders made off towards Henley in Arden in a white Ford Transit van with the partial registration LX04.

The offenders are described as two males.  One offender was in his late 20's or early 30's with very short hair and wearing black trainers with white soles, a grey hoodie and matching bottoms.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in your area and please report anything of concern, to Police, on 101.

Thank you

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@WEL - Burglary, Banbury Road, Kineton

Please be aware that during the night of 13 into 14 June, offenders broke into a building site and a home in Banbury Road, Kineton

Incident 46 of 14 June - A portacabin office was broken into at a building site at a rural home in Banbury Road, Kineton.  Once inside, the offenders stole a laptop computer before tampering with the lock of a nearby shed.

Incident 49 of 14 June - A steel container, on the driveway of a rural home in Banbury Road was also cut open.  Once inside, the offenders stole a black Canyon mountain bike, a steamer, chainsaw, drill, gas barbeque and clothes from a car parked on the premises.

If you have information relating to either of these incidents, please contact Police on 101, quoting the incident number given.

Thank you

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@WEL - Motorhome broken into outside Farnborough Village Hall

Please be aware that at just after 2am on 14 June, offenders broke into a motorhome parked outside Farnborough Village Hall, disturbing the occupants.

Once they realised that they had been spotted, the offenders made off in a black Audi vehicle.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your area and please report anything unusual, or of concern, to Police on 101.
Thank you

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@WAR - Incidents at farms and rural businesses across Warwickshire

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at farms and rural premises, across Warwickshire, over recent days:

Incident 44 of 13 June - Sambourne
At around 8am on 13 June, 2 lads, on bikes, were seen to be heading towards a house at a farm premises in Sambourne.   The farmer then discovered that several items had been stolen, including batteries from a solar powered light and a 20 MPH sign.

Incident 237 of 13 June - Lighthorne 
Between 10pm on 11 and 7.30am on 13 June, offenders drove across barley fields to steal 3 beehives from a farm premises in Banbury Road, Lighthorne.

Incident 97 of 16 June - Clifton on Dunsmore, Rugby
During the night of 15 into 16 June, offenders broke into a barn at a farm premises in Clifton on Dunsmore for the second time in 9 days.  The offenders entered the barn via a skylight and stole boxes of sportswear Tshirts and hoodies.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity on your land or around your buildings or local area, please contact Police on 101 and report your concerns.
Thank you

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@NAT - New phishing campaign targets University students

From Warwickshire Trading Standards

Friday, 10 June 2016

@NAT - Subject: Counterfeit Cheques

This is a message sent via Neighbourhood Watch. This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

Message sent by
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Businesses are being contacted for the sale of goods or services by fraudsters, who request to pay by cheque. The fraudster sends a cheque with a higher value than the amount expected, and then sends the business a request for the difference with instructions on how it should be paid back. This is usually by bank transfer or through a money transfer service, such as Western Union or PaySafe. Once the ‘refund’ has been provided, it is realised that the cheque provided was fraudulent and no funds are credited to the business’s account.

The NFIB has seen an increase of 84% in the number of counterfeit cheque frauds reported to Action Fraud since November 2015. Criminals are targeting a wide range of services including paintings or other artwork, photography and lessons, with various amounts requested to be refunded.  The average amount requested to be refunded is £1,818. The highest amount requested was over £80,000.

The suspects have used pressure tactics to persuade victims to refund the amounts immediately prior to the cheques clearing.

Crime Prevention Advice
  • Be cautious of payments where the amount provided is higher than expected. Refuse to provide the service unless the correct balance is received or wait until the cheque has cleared before refunding the difference.
  • Always contact banks on a trusted number found on their website or correspondence that is known to be authentic to confirm whether the cheque has cleared.
  • Do not feel pressured to provide a refund before the cheque has cleared.

If you have been affected by this, or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting

Monday, 6 June 2016

@WAR - Warwickshire Trading Standards alerts

Please feel free to cascade this information to whomever you feel appropriate (including using the information in your newsletters/websites etc.).

03/06/2016 Try this ‘socket calculator’

By Simon Cripwell on Jun 03, 2016 02:33 pm
Most people have extension leads in their homes, using 4-way bar adaptors to increase the number of appliances that they can plug into a wall socket. However, although there is space to plug in four appliances, this does not mean it is always safe to do so. You can avoid overloading sockets and risk of fire by following this simple advice and use the interactive overloaded socket tool from Electrical Safety First

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02/06/2016 HMRC scam calls

By Simon Cripwell on Jun 02, 2016 01:36 pm
Residents are warned to beware of phone calls from fraudsters claiming to be from the HMRC.
Trading Standards has received more reports of local residents receiving recorded messages asking them to phone back to 'resolve an urgent matter'. These bogus HMRC callers are also suspected of threatening residents with arrest or prosecution!
In reality, the fraudsters really want to obtain your personal and banking details.
NEVER provide any information to cold callers. ALWAYS put the phone down.

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26/05/2016 Beware of bogus email scams
25/05/2016 Rogue trader ‘neighbour complaint’ warning Mancetter
24/05/2016 Rugby Police and Trading Standards illegal tobacco seizures
23/05/2016 Buying a used car? It’s now easier than ever to ‘check before you buy’ with free web tools
23/05/2016 Small business money laundering scam

26/05/2016 Beware of bogus email scams

By Simon Cripwell on May 26, 2016 09:50 am
Warwickshire Trading Standards has been alerted to an email phishing scam.
The bogus Amazon email is entitled: Subject: Important : Account Identity and Usage Confirmation
The bogus email (addressed to 'customer' - they don't know your real name), asks recipient to visit a fake Amazon webpage and sign in to their account. The email threatens the recipient that their account will be disabled if they don't respond.
NEVER respond to bogus emails or click on any links they might contain. If you wish to visit the account of any on-line store you use, please type the stores web address in to your browser.

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25/05/2016 Rogue trader ‘neighbour complaint’ warning Mancetter

By Simon Cripwell on May 25, 2016 09:05 am
Warwickshire Trading Standards has been made aware of rogue traders operating in the Mancetter area.
Yesterday (24th May) a man described as 'big', dressed in builder clothing and driving a small white van, door-knocked the home of an elderly lady living in the Mancetter area. The man claimed that there had been complaints about the lady's fence from her neighbours and asked for access to her back garden. Having gained access he then stated that he would repair the fence for £300 cash. The home owner said she did not have that kind of money in cash and offered to pay by cheque, but he refused.
The rogue trader then went on to put further pressure on the householder by claiming that his mate had already started to mix cement. The rogue trader eventually left empty handed.
NEVER  buy goods or services from an unexpected doorstep trader or allow them access to your property. If in doubt, keep your door closed.

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24/05/2016 Rugby Police and Trading Standards illegal tobacco seizures

By Simon Cripwell on May 24, 2016 11:31 am
Warwickshire Trading Standards and Warwickshire Police, using trained sniffer dogs, yesterday took part in an operation to seize  illegal tobacco, cash and weapons from vehicles and shops in the Rugby area.
Warwickshire Trading Standards , working in partnership with Warwickshire Police to protect the health of residents and support legitimate businesses.

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23/05/2016 Buying a used car? It’s now easier than ever to ‘check before you buy’ with free web tools

By Simon Cripwell on May 23, 2016 02:12 pm
Thinking about buying a used car? Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards are advising that free information is now available on the internet which makes it much easier to check the history of a second hand vehicle before you buy.

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23/05/2016 Small business money laundering scam

By Simon Cripwell on May 23, 2016 11:02 am
Small businesses should be on the lookout for a new type of scam which involves overseas “investors” tricking victims into laundering money, warns the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s (NFIB) Proactive Intelligence Team.
The scam starts with an email/phone call from fraudsters overseas who claim they are interested in “investing” in new start-up companies within the UK.
The fraudsters build trust and over time convince victims that the money they are transferring into their business accounts is for “investments”. The fraudsters know the limits that will be flagged by each bank and only transfer small amounts at a time to avoid detection.
These investments are in fact a vehicle to launder the proceeds of crime into the UK from other scams, including money lost from victims of on-line dating fraud.
Small Engineering Company
Money laundering is a crime and business owners can be jailed. The NFIB team recently interviewed a former convicted businesses owner who said: “I don’t know why I was a target. I had a small engineering company which I was trying to get off the ground. The first contact I had was by email from an investment company in the Middle East”.
“They said that they wanted to invest some capital into my company and they had other business interests in the UK. They only transferred a few thousand pounds at a time so the bank never questioned it.”
Another convicted fraudster who owned a small sales and distribution company said: “Turns out I was just a middle man for a fraud. I think any small cash businesses are at risk.”
Be extremely cautious about unsolicited emails or messages from people offering to invest in your business.
  • Do not share your financial details with anyone you don’t know and trust, particularly if it’s someone that first contacted you via an unsolicited message.
  • Carry out thorough research on the potential investor before you accept any money. Check to see whether the company is properly registered as a business in the country they operate in. For example, all UK PLC,LTD and LLP businesses are registered with Companies House.
  • If you have been, or suspect you may have been a victim of this scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040.

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23/05/2016 Do you really know how banking malware works?

By Simon Cripwell on May 23, 2016 10:55 am

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23/05/2016 NHW alert Nuneaton and Bedworth Argos related scam!

By Simon Cripwell on May 23, 2016 09:03 am
NHW Nuneaton reported that an elderly lady had a parcel delivered to her from Argos, which she was not expecting. Shortly after another caller said it had been delivered to her by mistake and asked for it back. She handed the parcel over to a male described as 6ft tall and black.
This was reported to the police and turned out to be a scam. The offender had set up an Argos card using a false name and ordered a computer to be delivered to the lady concerned. Argos did not get paid and the offender got away with the goods. If this happens to you, please do not give a caller the parcel, but contact the sender.

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Do you have information on a gang of rogue traders that targeted Nuneaton?


Stratford residents should be warned that the above company is cold calling on the estates of Stratford and selling replacement fascia, soffits etc.  
They knocked and sold a £10000 contract, with immediate deposit of £2750 to one resident who is disabled and lives with a vulnerable son.  Their rep. called on Monday and agreed to send a senior on the Tuesday, who said the work was urgent and that they would use the house as a 'Show Home' after completion.  The contract was produced, (without any measurement), and signature obtained.  They were told that their surveyor would call on Thursday.  Fortunately, a relative was able to intervene and the deposit cheque was cancelled. 
Subsequently, the company phoned back and dropped the price to £8000.  After another no, the 'manager' phoned and said they could do it for £6500!

Other vulnerable residents may not have realised that they were being ripped off and may still be in course of letting Amber do the work. 

Trading Standards at Stratford have been informed.

Amber Windows have had a fair bit of bad publicity for rip-off and hard selling (see Google).
 Never deal with cold callers. 
For any large job get quotes from at least three 
reputable trades-persons and if possible the recommendation of someone you trust.

@SOU - What are your Community Priorities for the next 3 months?

What are your priorities for a safer neighbourhood.

Please have a look at the link and vote for what you would like your Safer Neighbourhood Team to focus on for the next three months!

Kind regards


PCSO 6099 Katrina Campion (was Taylor)
Telephone 01926 684984
Mobile 07919 887674
Voicemail 16099

with your main priority

The next Community Forum will be held at 6.30pm
on 15th June at
Southam College, Welsh Rd W, Southam CV47 0JW