Saturday, 12 March 2016

@SOU - Compton Chronicle copy for April 2016


Buying a used car? There are a number of Apps that you let you check the car's history. UK Car History (free) will give a comprehensive MoT  history and current tax status of the vehicle. MyCarCheck is also free to download but offers additional information (such as outstanding finance or value via an in app purchases). Basic tax and MoT status is also freely available from You can also check your own vehicle's insurance status here or the insurance status of someone else's vehicle in the event of an accident.
Number plate thefts - are again an issue locally. Free tamper resistant screws are available by emailing or contacting  your coordinator.
Sheep worrying is a criminal offence with a maximum fine of £1,000. Dog owners should be aware that farmers are not only within their rights to shoot a dog seen worrying their sheep but also to claim compensation for their loss. Don't risk it - keep your dog on a lead near livestock. MORE

Cybertip - £34 billion is a recent estimate of the cost to UK businesses of cybercrime. Check here to check your company's level of protection.

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