Monday, 26 September 2016

WAS - Vehicle sought Black Ford Focus BD04??? URGENT

Dear Farm watch member
This has happened within the last 1/2 hour today.
Please call 101 or 999 if you see this vehicle and be vigilant.
Kind regards

Just to let you know three men in a Black Ford Focus attempted to steal a flat trailer from our yard at  approximately 5.15 pm.  Unfortunately my husband did not get the full registration no. BD 04  --- as they took off at high speed.    Thought you may want to let people know the crooks are around locally.
PCSO 6099 Katrina Campion (was Taylor)
Telephone 01926 684984
Mobile 07919 887674
Voicemail 16099

Please access our website for the latest news in the Stratford District and also Southam SNT newsletters. In a non emergency or to report a crime dial 101 

Monday, 5 September 2016

@WEL - Update from Wellesbourne SNT

Wellesbourne SNT Report 64

Wellesbourne - Walton Lane

Vehicle crime - 22/08/16

Citroen Berlingo - front passenger window smashed and tools stolen 

Wellesbourne - Ettington Close

Vehicle crime - overnight 21/08/16 and 22/08/16

Forced entry to vehicle and a speedway bike stolen. Chrome frame, 'Siena Jones' stamped on engine.

Wellesbourne - Loxley Road 
Theft - 20/08/16

Caravan stolen from stored location, Lunar Delta with blue stripes 

Wellesbourne - Willow Drive

Burglary - overnight 11/08/16 and 12/08/16

Entry to property by unknown means. Handbag emptied, car keys removed and used to take BMW 318i Touring vehicle

Shotteswell - Farm Location

Theft - 08/08/16 to 09/08/16

Sheep equipment - lamb weigher as well as dividing gate and steel hurdles stolen

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Friday, 2 September 2016

@SOU - Update from Southam SNT

Warwickshire Police
Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
July/ August 2016

About your team

Safer Neighbourhood Teams work with local people and partners to identify, tackle and solve issues that matter to the community where you live.

Making neighbourhoods safer by cutting day to day crime and anti-social behaviour is at the heart of keeping people in Warwickshire safe. Thanks to an investment in mobile tablet style computers, these will enable officers to spend more time on patrol on the street and in neighbourhoods.

Officers will continue to come to people when they need them and provide a high quality service however you contact us - in person (on the street, at community bases and at community forums), on the phone or online.

Where we work
Southam SNT is based at Southam Police Station, High Street, Southam. (CV47 0HB)
We work around the areas of the Southam, Long Itchington, Fenny Compton, Harbury, Stockton & Napton wards.


Southam Ward

Incident 45 - 01/08/2016

On Old Road, Southam, a burglary occurred where suspects broke through 2 panels of glass on a French door and then broke through various other rooms of the property. Nothing was taken.

Incident 256 - 04/08/2016

Occurring on Welsh Road, Southam, unknown offenders entered farmyard area, saw and stole a petrol lawnmower and made good their escape. The local safer neighbourhoods team visited victim and gave relevant crime prevention advice.

Long Itchington Ward

Incident 394 - 29/07/2016

A burglary occurred on Marton Road, Long Itchington where offenders approached rear of a caravan; they then forced a window open to allow access into the caravan. Once inside, offenders had taken numerous items that follow; - 6 watches, bracelets, cash and most namely 2 sets of car keys (one of which was to a Vauxhall Vivaro van – which was then stolen, and the keys to a BMW. Offenders then made off in an unknown direction, making good their escape.

This is an example of how risky it can be to store keys to your vehicles outside your house in a motor home/ caravan. Offenders like the aforementioned will always look for an easier burglary of a caravan or anything vulnerable that is in the surrounding exterior of any property. THINK! Do not give them the chance or make any attempted thefts easier for burglars by leaving any important keys or valuables outside of your home. Make life more difficult for anyone who is trying to get there hands on your possessions, store them out of sight in more secluded places, not in key bowls or hanging up right by the front door.

Incident 155 - 31/07/2016

Informant reported theft of their handbag and tablet from their home the day before (30th of July) - from 10am-12pm. Informant was in back garden and had front door open as they had just left said belongings in living room. Incident occurring on Southam Road, Long Itchington.
Incident 291 - 09/08/2016

On Southam Road, Long Itchington, Informant reported their property had been broken into via the rear bedroom that backs onto garden. Offenders also smashed bedroom window. Informant reports property was last secure around 5:30pm the night before and discovered the next day (9th) 4:30pm. Offenders also broke the sensor to the night lights. Nothing thought to have been seen or stolen.

Once again we see an example of burglars being given quick easy access to the interior of someone property and an easy theft which can just as easily be prevented by ensuring when you are in the garden or outside of your property(s) you keep all doors and windows shut/ locked at all times.

Napton Ward

Incident 32 - 25/07/2016

A robbery occurred on Glebe Close, Stockton, where victim was coming home from work in the car and a Silver Golf Car came up from behind. The said car then flashed repeatedly and forced victim to stop by overtaking. Once they stopped 3 males got out of the Silver Golf car which the informant thought they were aged 19-20 years old. They then punched victim repeatedly then stolen money from them. Description of males is as follows; - All white, said predicted age of 19-20, local accents to Coventry area, one wore a black hoody, and black joggers with a skinny build, another was wearing a cap and the other was described as being bigger than the rest.

Incident 184 - 30/07/2016

Two outbuildings had been broken into by unknown offenders on Rugby Road, Stockton on the 30th of July. Once entry was gained, the offenders had removed and stolen large quantities of power tools and a generator. Crime prevention advice was given to victim.

Incident 80 - 01/08/2016

On Rugby Road Stockton, between approximately 4pm on the 29th of July and 7am on the 1st of August a theft occurred of a Diesel Bowser. It was taken from a secure building site by unknown offenders. It was however then later recovered in a field off the A361 outside Badby on Friday the 5th of August. It had been abandoned and recovery was then eventually made of the stolen Bowser to the victim.

Fenny Compton Ward

No Notable Incidents.

Harbury Ward

Incident 164 - 27/07/2016

Between the hours of 11:30am & 12:30pm on the 27th of July someone had broken into informant’s car by Unknown means. No damage was made however offender(s) opened central console of vehicle and stolen an IPhone 6 and 2 laptops. Occurred on M40 Motorway Services.

Incident 38 - 28/07/2016

Refers to incident occurring on the M40 Motorway services of a theft of an I Pad and Jeep Rucksack from unattended vehicle. Occurred on 28th of July.

Incident 354 - 06/08/2016

A burglary and theft was reported on Farm Street, Harbury on the 6th of August. A search was made through drawers in property. Unknown offenders then shattered pane of glass in window and gained entry, to then conduct an untidy search taking jewellery in jewellery boxes with them. Offenders then made good their escape from property.

Incident 304 - 09/08/2016

A robbery occurred on Poplar Road, Bishops Itchington; offender attempted both a robbery at property then theft of informant’s car but was apprehended at the scene.

Incident 134 - 11/08/2016

On Penelope Close, Harbury, solar lights were reported stolen in the front garden of a property. They were last seen 11pm 9th of August.

Southam and the surrounding area have once again had a high number of burglaries and property thefts within the last 3 - 4 weeks. It is more important than ever you ensure you property(s) are secure, especially at night. Do not give burglars the opportunities they are looking for – THINK – have I locked all doors and windows? Have I left anything valuable out on show? Are my keys out of sight? If you are at your property worried someone is trying to break in or something feels not quite right, do not hesitate to call 101 or if a crime or emergency is in progress call 999.

If you have any information regarding any of these incidents, please also call 101.

Community Forum
The community voted and the next community priorities are as follows;
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
Rural crime patrols

The next community forum will be on Wednesday 21st September