Saturday, 13 May 2017

@SOU - Fenny Compton NW June Entry in Compton Chronicle

CyberTip - has links to online learning resources; there are 2 modules under Cyber Crime eLearning (popups need to be allowed).

Do you have a car with a keyless entry system? -  Some are vulnerable to hacking even when the keys are inside your home. To be absolutely certain your car cannot be unlocked remotely keep your keys in a metal box. Old fashioned immobilisers such as steering wheel locks are also useful to improve security.

Burglaries - At the beginning of last month there was a spate of daytime burglaries across south Warwickshire including Fenny Compton and Farnborough. Please make it difficult for the opportunist thief; lock your doors and make sure that all windows are secure even when at home. Free loan of security marking kits is available through NW. Do not open your door to strangers, they could be checking to see if the house is occupied or the vulnerability of the householder. Report any suspicious behaviour to the police on 101 and share it with your neighbours.

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