Welcome to the Stratford District Neighbourhood Watch Blog. It is designed to be a one stop shop for messages concerning safety, security and some general information for the benefit of the residents of Stratford District. Much of the information will also be applicable to those outside the district and tags can be added to simplify filtering of messages to an individual's needs. Initially I have prefixed headings to make it easy to see if the contents may be of interest.

It is easy to become a follower and to decide whether you want an alert for every message or to receive summaries. It is also just as easy to stop being a follower if you decide that this is not for you.

It is my intention to give access to all coordinators who want it and it may in due course allow communication regarding matters at a village level but I think at the moment that this is possibly better done with g+. There may also may be a place for Twitter and Facebook but that will be for someone else:)

Prefixes (@ is a new addition for improved searching). Others will be added as required.
@ALL @NAT - Widely applicable
@WAR - Warwickshire specific
@WAS - Warwickshire South
@WAN - Warwickshire North
@ALN - Alcester North SNT
@ALS - Alcester South SNT
@SOS - Shipston SNT
@SOU - Southam SNT
@SOA - Stratford District
@STT - Stratford Town SNT
@WEL - Wellesbourne SNT

This blog has only been going for a few months. To see the type of thing I have been doing for several years for my village see http://fennycomptonnw.blogspot.co.uk/ However this does not create much traffic so I feel that the idea needs greater coverage to see if it can work.

I would appreciate any feedback on the blog and will be circulating my thoughts on a link page to add to the Warwickshire NHW page shortly.

Stay safe,


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