Thursday, 10 April 2014

@WAR - Broadband Project Update April 2014

Topics in this edition:

Launch of first superfast broadband cabinet
New map and new 12-month plan issued 7/4
Which? Campaign for defined broadband speeds
Questions and Answers

Launch of first superfast broadband cabinet

CSW Broadband has launched its first superfast broadband cabinet in Snitterfield, a picturesque village in South Warwickshire. This is the first of 51 cabinets that will start to go live from April 2014. Further cabinets will follow from July and October this year. As anticipated, the rollout of superfast broadband has been accelerated and many cabinets have been brought forward from their original go-live dates. The project rollout will bring superfast speeds of a minimum 24Mbps to almost 45,000 properties, with many more properties achieving speeds of 2-23 Mbps. The latest map shows the rollout plans to 7-digit postcode level, including which areas we estimate will achieve superfast and which may fall below that level (based on the distance from the cabinet). There are still some areas that are awaiting additional funding, but this is actively being sought and the Government has offered the project £3.68m, subject to match funding being found.


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