Monday, 20 June 2016

@SOU - Southam SNT Update


Southam Ward

Incident 217 - 08/04/2016

Informant reported there was a theft of block paving at Coventry Street, Southam, taken over Easter weekend. Was approximately a pallet load of slabs, no known CCTV cameras covering location.

Incident 157 - 14/04/2016

Between the 13th and 14th of April, Street lights in the area of Little Park, Southam had been knocked down for the second time.

Incident 38 - 16/04/2016

Informant calling to report that between 2:30pm and 10:50pm on the 15th of April, there was a theft of one of the rear wheels of their Green Ford Puma car which was parked outside on a driveway, on Bridge End, Southam.

Incident 54 - 19/04/2016

The incident number refers to a burglary from a unit on Westfield Road; unknown offenders stole a white Mercedes van which was then located on Station Road, Southam a short while later.

Incident 45 - 26/04/2016

Informant reporting van being broken into and searched. Offenders stole 2x Milwake Screw Guns and a stereo, occurred between 6:00pm to 7:30am - 25th to 26th of March on Lime Road, Southam.

Incident 212 - 26/04/2016

Informant reporting that at 11:26pm on 25th March, at Welsh Road East, Southam, three offenders attempted to break into a homemade shed/ container. Offenders used bolt croppers, looked inside, and realised there was nothing to take. A silhouette of a vehicle appearing to be a 4x4 spotted, but due to darkness unable to distinguish any more details, 2 offenders in hoodies, one wearing light clothing.

 Incident 276 - 26/04/2016

Informant is the owner of a caravan stolen from the Welsh Road East, Southam. All the locks on the van were broken off, offenders made there escape across an open field. The caravan is a – Fleetwood Sonata Symphony Caravan Single Axle.

Incident 82 - 11/05/2016

Informant reported theft of a caravan at Knightcote, Southam. Caravan is a Lunar Venu 5004 single Axle, mainly white with a purple stripe down the side. Unknown offenders made their escape by towing caravan back across open field.

Long Itchington Ward

Incident 107 - 26/04/2016

Offenders had entered the rear garden of the home address on Leigh Crescent, Long Itchington by unknown means and entered shed at the rear of the garden. Offenders then stole a power washer and made their escape. No CCTV and no witnesses.

Incident 109 - 02/05/2016

Informant reported a break into studio in the rear of their garden, thought to have occurred between 11:00pm – 11:45am the next day. The large shed was used as a studio. The door had been forced open by unknown offenders and both the door and lock has been damaged. Entry was then gained and the following items were stolen - ; 5 guitars in total, a Gibson Lead guitar, a black and white Encore Bass guitar, a 6 string Electro Acoustic guitar, a 6 String blue Electro/ Acoustic guitar and a Martin Smith guitar. Offenders had wrecked the inside of the studio.

Napton Ward

Incident 335 - 04/05/2016

Informant reporting that on Station Road, Stockton, a male came to the area yesterday trying to sell lawn mowers and generators. Then on the 4th of May informant reported that the male had just returned in a different vehicle. He was again trying to sell generators. A description of him is as follows: He has an Irish accent, was dressed smartly, 40 approx, slim build and short dark hair.

Fenny Compton Ward

Incident 399 - 28/04/2016

Informant reporting theft of son’s GEBTS grey Carrera Falcon mountain bike. Had been left unattended at front of house by the garage on The Holloway in Priors Marston. Informant was not sure of exact times of theft but believed it was after 3:30pm the day before. No CCTV although neighbours did see four males hanging around.

Harbury Ward

No notable incidents.

If you have any information regarding any of these incidents please call 101

Community Forum
The community voted and the next community priorities are as follows;
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
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The next community forum will be on Wednesday 21st September

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