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@SOU - Southam SNT Update

Warwickshire Police
Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
May/ June 2016

About your team

Safer Neighbourhood Teams work with local people and partners to identify, tackle and solve issues that matter to the community where you live.

Making neighbourhoods safer by cutting day to day crime and anti-social behaviour is at the heart of keeping people in Warwickshire safe. Thanks to an investment in mobile tablet style computers, these will enable officers to spend more time on patrol on the street and in neighbourhoods.

Officers will continue to come to people when they need them and provide a high quality service however you contact us - in person (on the street, at community bases and at community forums), on the phone or online.

Where we work
Southam SNT is based at Southam Police Station, High Street, Southam. (CV47 0HB)
We work around the areas of the Southam, Long Itchington, Fenny Compton, Harbury, Stockton & Napton wards.

Get in touch
'  101 to talk to your local SNT or report a crime
*   southam.snt
Only call 999 in an emergency, when a crime is in progress or life is in danger.



Southam Ward

Incident 29 - 12/05/2016

Refers to incident occurring in the late night of the 12th of May. Two males with crow bars had broken into a commercial building stealing a till. Then made good their escape, driving off in a car out of Southam. Although informant was unable to describe the vehicle as of poor visibility at night, both offenders were wearing hoodies, one was around 6ft and the other smaller. Occurred at Market Hill, Southam.

Incident 275 - 16/05/2016

A burglary was reported at a property in Elmbank. On the 16th June between 3-3:30pm. £80, and an I Pad was taken. Offenders gained access via forcing the kitchen window.

Incident 129 - 21/05/2016

Overnight before the 21st of May a theft occurred of a spare wheel located under the rear of a Land rover discovery model on Warwick Road, Southam.

Long Itchington Ward

Incident 154 - 23/05/2016

A burglary was reported at a property on Southam Road, Ufton, the incident occurred between Saturday 21st and Monday the 23rd of May - Damage had been done to the back door and the lock along with damage to the garden shed and patio doors. Nothing was taken and no entry was gained.

Incident 71 - 27/05/2016

A Red Honda Motorbike was stolen on Bascote Wharf parked in a car park overnight on the 26th of May.

Incident 265 - 01/06/2016

A burglary occurred in Bascote between midday and late afternoon of the 1st of June. A side door to the house had been forced open and the following was stolen; - an I Pod Docking station, toiletries and jewellery.

Napton Ward

No Notable Incidents.

Fenny Compton Ward

Incident 358 - 16/05/2016

It has come to the SNT’s attention that youths have been damaging electrical fencing containing animals in on a 40-acre area of land in Fenny Compton. This damage has been done continuously for the last two weeks. As a result, rural crime patrols have been monitoring in and around the area affected. The possible repercussions of this type of damage to rural property are clear – animals could get out, get stuck and or hurt and get onto nearby country roads posing a threat to drivers.

Incident 81 - 18/05/2016

Refers to a burglary from a barn reported on Shuckburgh Road, Priors Marston on the 18th of June. A Husqvarna Ride on Mower Tractor was taken, along with a strimmer and chainsaw. Thought to have occurred overnight (17-18th  May).

Incident 116 - 23/05/2016

A burglary was reported coming up to midday on the 23rd of May on Southam Road, Priors Marston, where bricks had been thrown through kitchen and French windows. This occurred between 8:40am and 11:15am whilst the informant was out. An untidy search was conducted by offender(s) and a jewellery box was stolen. A person later called in to say they had seen a Light Green Peugeot 106 by the house at around 11am. They saw one person in the vehicle and another by the door. The person out of the vehicle was described as; - white male, skinny, 20ish, Light Grey tracksuit bottoms with white stripes down the side.

Incident 22 - 24/05/2016

A toolbox was stolen from a garage at Wormleighton. Tyres were also moved, it is suspected the offender(s) were disturbed and made good their escape.

Incident 121 - 30/05/2016

A barn on Avon Dassett Road was entered, offender(s) stole the following items; - Thermos Flask, Hose pipe reel, large blue bucket and security lights.

Harbury Ward

Incident 223 - 06/05/2016

An attempted burglary occurred at Hall Lane, in Harbury on the 6th of May. The informant noticed tool marks on the rear door on the side of their house. Time of offence was unknown.

As of the increasing number of burglaries and thefts that have occurred within the last month in and around Southam, it’s more important than ever people with sheds and outdoor containers keep their property safe and secure. Check that all doors and outside storage containers are locked at night and when you are out. It is also a good idea to possibly leave a few lights on at your property as so to deter criminals into trying to gain entry into your property, giving the impression someone is home.

If you have any information regarding any of these incidents, please call 101.

Community Forum
The community voted and the next community priorities are as follows;
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
Rural crime patrols

The next community forum will be on Wednesday 21st September

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