Monday, 6 June 2016


Stratford residents should be warned that the above company is cold calling on the estates of Stratford and selling replacement fascia, soffits etc.  
They knocked and sold a £10000 contract, with immediate deposit of £2750 to one resident who is disabled and lives with a vulnerable son.  Their rep. called on Monday and agreed to send a senior on the Tuesday, who said the work was urgent and that they would use the house as a 'Show Home' after completion.  The contract was produced, (without any measurement), and signature obtained.  They were told that their surveyor would call on Thursday.  Fortunately, a relative was able to intervene and the deposit cheque was cancelled. 
Subsequently, the company phoned back and dropped the price to £8000.  After another no, the 'manager' phoned and said they could do it for £6500!

Other vulnerable residents may not have realised that they were being ripped off and may still be in course of letting Amber do the work. 

Trading Standards at Stratford have been informed.

Amber Windows have had a fair bit of bad publicity for rip-off and hard selling (see Google).
 Never deal with cold callers. 
For any large job get quotes from at least three 
reputable trades-persons and if possible the recommendation of someone you trust.

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