Wednesday, 26 August 2015

@WAR - CSW Broadband progress update August/September 2015

CSW Broadband progress update August/September 2015

The CSW Broadband project continues its rollout and in August enabled the 200th superfast cabinet. Almost 40,000 properties are now able to connect to the fibre network. To check if you are able to achieve superfast speeds go to and if you can now order superfast broadband then look around for the best deal that suits your needs. A good source of information is at the Money Saving Expert website:

It is recognised that this information will be extremely frustrating for those who are living in areas that have not yet been upgraded. To find out if upgrades are planned in your area, check out the CSW Broadband map:

If you are in an area that is due for upgrade under Contract 1, then this should be complete by mid-2016. If you are in an area that is due to be upgraded under Contract 2, Part 1, then the rollout is due to commence in mid-2016, although discussions are taking place to try to bring this forward.

If you are in an area that is shown as white on the map, and is awaiting additional funding, then we do have some funding that has not yet been mapped, and we are actively seeking more money from a variety of sources.

For those who will not achieve superfast speeds by 2016, we understand that there are discussions between BT and BDUK (the Government body overseeing the scheme) to provide vouchers for satellite connections as an interim measure. We do not have details of this scheme yet and will publicise these once they are available.

Finally, for those running a business there is the Business Broadband Connection Voucher scheme, which covers a range of technologies. More details can be found here:

The CSW broadband project is making great progress, but we are not resting on our laurels and are doing all that we possibly can to move towards improved broadband speeds for all.  For more information please visit

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