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@SOU - Weekly Incident Summary 13/12/2014


This is the first of our new weekly reports and prompt to see if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions for the Southam Town Safer Neighbourhood Team, with a view to sending updates out on a weekly basis. These updates have been reviewed as has the newsletter. Please feel free to distribute, and send requests for additions to the mailing list. Alternatively, if you do not wish to receive these updates, please do let me know.

You will also receive a ‘Weekly Community Safety’ document. This maybe useful for a weekly tip that you can try to implement each week, alternatively it could be useful to put up in communal areas/ notice boards. Often advice will relate to particular issues such as seasonal advice, advice linked to community events and advice in relation to recent incidents/occurrences.

Weekly Incident Summary
Areas covered by this weekly report are Long Itchington Ward, Southam Ward, Stockton & Napton Ward, Fenny Compton Ward and Harbury Ward.

    Key incidents to note this week (01/12/14 - 07/12/14):

·         Burglary Other. Unknown Offender/s have forced entry into a shipping container taking numerous tools. Incident believed to take place between 11.00- 15.30 on 04/12/14. Incident No. 0379.

·         Suspicious Circumstances. A person has been seen to be taking items from a container. Possibly wearing a hoodie jumper. Occurred on 01/12/14, Incident No. 0413

Lower Shuckburgh
·         Theft Other. Unknown Offender/s have taken numerous birds from a farm. Occurred on 05/12/14. Incident No. 0061.

Harbury/ Fosse way/Small A roads
·         Several road related incidents and RTC’s have occurred. In all cases no one was injured.

 Often on many of the high speed A roads incidents are most likely to occur especially with worsening weather conditions. We advise all drivers to be vigilant and drive within the speed limit and not drive when tired. We also encourage safe overtaking not on bends and awareness that ice/ snow can increase breaking distance by up to 10 times. Please see Weekly Community Safety document for more information.

If you have any questions or further information regarding these offences, please contact the Team direct (List below) or use the 101 non-emergency number as appropriate.

If you want to report anonymously you can also use:

Kind regards.

7668 Sam Slemensek
Police Support Volunteer
Southam SNT

Tel: 01926 684984

For general enquiries and further updates use:

Twitter - @SouthamCops
Facebook - Warwickshire Police
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