Tuesday, 11 February 2020

@WAR - Local, Courier Fraud/telephone scam

Courier Fraud/telephone scam, Whitnash

Please take time to read this if you have elderly family member’s neighbours or friends. We have had another telephone scam incident where an elderly member has thought she was helping the Police and she has lost a large amount of cash. The lady received a call saying a male had been arrested using a cloned card and the Police needed help to prevent more frauds, they asked the female to take a large sum of cash from her account and they would ring her back but she should not tell anyone as she was now working with the fraud squad. When she got home the female received another call asking her to read the numbers of the notes back to the officer which she did and they immediately said they were counterfeit.
They told her an undercover officer would come round to the home and take the cash for forensic opportunities so the lady was so convinced this was all genuine carried on with their requests they said they would contact her again.
The following day she had a call and they asked her to remove another large amount of cash from her account which she did , luckily the Police intervened and she did not hand over any more cash.
The reason why the lady was so convinced was a DC Ryan of South London Serious Fraud office , and other named officers DC Williams, Sgt Spencer, PC Ruby Green, and a Elliot Harvey.
If you have been contacted by any officers with these names please call 101 and mention OP PROSPRO. Police officers will never ask you to remove cash from your bank account , but unfortunately these scam artist are very convincing.

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