Monday, 4 March 2019

@WAR - Burglary Assessment Tool from Warwickshire Police

Burglary Home Assessment Information

Contents of this pack give an indication of the types of products that are available on the market.

None of these companies have been approved or recommended as a preferred supplier by Warwickshire Police, and it is recommended that you check with a number of suppliers prior to purchase to secure the best product/price to suit the individual’s requirements. Also the prices are not guaranteed, and offer a guide only.


       General Burglary Information
       Holiday Home Security
       Security Planting
       Anti Bump Handle & Lock (Door & Window)
       Wireless Burglary Alarm
       Budget Alarm products
       Security Floodlight/Camera
       Wireless Security Floodlight/Camera
       Dummy Cameras
       Wireless CCTV
       Driveway Alarm
       Perimeter Protection
       Fuel Tank Security
       Garage Defender
       Secure Ring
       Fence & Wall Security
       Watering Plants While Away
       Catalytic Converter Security
       Top Tips and check

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