Friday, 8 March 2019

@SOU - Fenny Compton NW News (for April's Compton Chronicle)


Garage and shed security - Garages and sheds are vulnerable to burglary, as they are generally quite flimsy structures, but they should not be forgotten. They are often the first places that a burglar will target, because they provide a ready source of tools and implements for breaking into the main house. Read more at:
Security marking - NW provides a free marking service with Cremark for tools and bikes. Overt property marking can reduce theft by up to 80%. Email requests will be prioritised. Warwickshire Rural Watch produce a number of Crime Prevention Advice Sheets.
Cyberfact - 62% of 11 year-olds and 69% of 12 year olds have a Facebook profile despite the minimum age of 13. More at and search for "parent pack"

Please share your scam/crime experiences with your neighbours - email or post on NextDoor Read this and much more in The Stratford District NW Blog which is regularly updated.

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