Tuesday, 16 October 2018

@SOU - Neighbourhood Watch entry for Compton Chronicle (OCT18)


Safeland is an free app that creates an online ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, making your local community safer and more secure through a variety of features. Users can share and receive local incident information in real time. Safeland also provides a personal safety alarm, so users can notify their groups or nearby public that they need immediate assistance. I am trialing Safeland currently in the Southam SNT area. Please feel free to upload your own incidents and feedback your comments. LINK

Latest scams - Car leasing social media scam, data breaches from Butlin's and Superdrug. Phone Scams and warnings from the DVLA and Financial Conduct Authority are included. 

Cybertip -  Friends Against Scams. You could increase your knowledge and help spread the word in your community. http://bit.ly/FAScams

Please share your scam/crime experiences with your neighbours - email watch@fcvh.org.uk or post on NextDoor nextdoor.co.uk. Read this and much more in The Stratford District NW Blog which is regularly updated. stratfordnw.blogspot.co.uk

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