Wednesday, 5 September 2018

@WAR - Courier Scam in Warwickshire

Courier Scam Operating

Please be aware that in recent days "Courier Scam" crimes have taken place in Warwickshire. Householders in the Shrewley, Rowington and Lapworth  area are advised not to provide pin numbers to any caller on the telephone or to hand bank/credit cards to doorstep callers. The criminals operating this scam change their methods but typically say they are from HMRC or Bank or Building Societies.

Please note that NO organisations such as HMRC or Banks/Building Societies ask for pin numbers or send people round to addresses to pick up bank/credit cards. One of the latest events, that has involved a victim in Warwickshire who has lost over £2000 as result, was caused by a telephone caller saying they were from HMRC. The victim was encouraged to purchase a 'one for all' gift card to the value of over £2000 from the Post Office and then provide the specific details over the phone enabling the criminal to access the funds.

These callers can sound very plausible and can easily fool people into thinking that they are dealing with official organisations. Please take care not to fall victim to these scams and if you care for an elderly or vulnerable person please stress to them that HMRC and Banks DO NOT telephone people at home asking for personal details or request them to purchase gift cards to pay off so-called debts . If such a call is received simply put the phone down. 

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