Monday, 9 October 2017

@WAR - Solar panels may attract rogue trader ‘cleaning’ services

09/10/2017 Solar panel owners warned of rogue trader ‘cleaning’ services

Owners of solar panels are warned to beware of rogue traders door knocking in the Warwickshire 
area offering to clean their roofs. The rogue traders give the false impression that they are working 
on behalf of the solar panel installers and suggest to the home owners that their roof is due a clean 
due to the length of time the solar panels have been installed.
The rogues are reported to be charging between £1300 and £1700 for work that is overpriced and
is more likely to damage the roof (and the solar panels) than clean it.
Homeowners are advised not to allow people to pressure wash their roofs. Pressure washing roofs
can lead to the roof tiles lifting.
The rogue traders may also be involved in other forms of criminal activity and may be taking the
opportunity to scope people's homes for burglaries.
NEVER buy goods or services from an unexpected doorstep trader. Keep you door CLOSED
  • Make a scam/rogue trader complaint to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer 
    Service on 03454 040506.
  • Warwickshire Trading Standards Website Facebook Twitter
  • Sign up to scam alerts at
  • Avoid rogue traders. Use Warwickshire Trading Standards No Rogue Traders Here
    approved trader scheme
  • Please feel free to pass on or re-publish this email alert

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