Sunday, 19 July 2015

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17/07/2015 Government grant scam

By Simon Cripwell on Jul 17, 2015 10:11 am

A Warwickshire resident reported that he had received an unexpected phone call from someone to tell him he had been awarded an £8000 Government grant! All the consumer had to do was to verify his details by completing a form and sending £100!...........

17/07/2015 Bogus court officials in accident compensation claim warning

By Simon Cripwell on Jul 17, 2015 09:57 am
Consumers making legitimate accident compensation claims are warned to beware of cold calls from bogus court officials.
A Warwickshire consumer reported that following an accident, he had made a compensation claim with a legitimate firm of solicitors. He later had a phone call from someone calling themselves an official of a county court who claimed that they would be able to deliver a cheque to his home in return for a £250 Ukash payment. Fraudsters often ask for Ukash payments as they are difficult to trace.

17/07/2015 Internet loan scams strike Warwickshire

By Simon Cripwell on Jul 17, 2015 09:02 am
People using the Internet to obtain a loan are warned to beware of bogus companies offering loans in return for large up front payments.
A Warwickshire resident was searching for a loan on-line and was asked by a bogus loan company to make several upfront payments totalling £615 in order to obtain a loan of £2000. The consumer made these payments via bank transfer and Western Union. The bogus loan company then said they could not provide the loan and disappeared.

16/07/2015 Scam call blocker services

By Simon Cripwell on Jul 16, 2015 02:17 pm
Warwickshire consumers are warned to beware of cold calls from people offering unwanted phone call blocking services and asking for bank details. These scammers often take money and do nothing or simply register the consumer with the Telephone Preference Service, a free to register service.
Never provide personal or financial information to cold callers.

14/07/2015 Scam victims warned of visits from bogus Trading Standards Officers

By Simon Cripwell on Jul 14, 2015 12:04 pm
Warwickshire Trading Standards understands that the accomplices of doorstep rogue traders are returning to their victim's homes claiming to be from the Police or Trading Standards Service.
The rogue traders claim that they are 'investigating' the work carried out. The victims are asked to pay a fee which it is promised, will be returned when the investigation is complete!

14/07/2015 Serving up another helping of ‘Phish and Chips’

By Simon Cripwell on Jul 14, 2015 10:27 am
‘Phish and Chips’ were on the menu at a recent free cyber-crime data-security advice and education event held for Warwickshire businesses. Find out more and check out our great cyber crime advice for businesses and consumers.

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