Friday, 24 July 2015

@WAR - Rural Watch & Horse watch Crime Alerts Bulletin – 22 July 2015

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at farms and rural businesses across Warwickshire over recent days:

Incident 71 of 14 July - Marston Lane, Bedworth

During the night of 13 into 14 July, offenders approached a stable yard in Marston Lane, Bedworth and ripped the main gate of its hinges to gain access to the site. 

Once inside, the offenders pulled fencing up from around a generator, which was bolted to the floor, and then stole the generator.

Incident 223 of 14 July - High Cross, Lutterworth

Between 4.30pm on 13 and 7am on 14 July, offenders climbed over an embankment and lifted fencing around a quarry premises in High Cross and then entered the yard.  Once inside, the offenders siphoned a quantity of diesel from various tanks and machinery.

Staffs at the site noticed that 5 empty drums appeared nearby last week and have now disappeared.

Incident 313 of 11 July - Napton

At some point before 5.15pm on 11 July, offenders undid some fencing around a rural business premises in Butt Hill, Napton and entered the yard.  Once inside, the offenders managed to start up a fork lift truck and drove it away from the site.

The offenders are believed to have abandoned the forklift when they hit something in the ground and ripped off a tyre.

Incident 105 of 10 July - Hockley Heath

During the night of 9 into 10 July, offenders entered an outbuilding at a rural premises in Ashford lane, Hockley Heath after removing the padlock from the door.

Once inside, the offenders stole 12 head collars.  Damage was also caused to a horsebox and an attempt was made to get into another building.

Incident 197 of 15 July - Meriden

Between 12 and 15 July, offenders entered a rural business site in Packington Lane, Meriden and stole a large quantity of diesel from machinery.

The thieves stole the diesel in several visits.

Incident 87 of 15 July - Nuneaton

During the night of 14 into 15 July, offenders broke into 2 large shipping containers at a rural business premises in Tuttle Hill, Nuneaton after smashing the padlocks off the doors.

Once inside, the offenders stole a large quantity of copper, brass and stainless steel.

Incident 60 of 16 July - Woolscott, Rugby

During the night of 15 into 16 July, offenders entered a farm premises in Woolscott, Rugby from a field after smashing the padlock off a gate..  Once on site, the offenders attempted to get inside a barn but the attempt failed and nothing was stolen.

Incident 108 of 16 July - Wibtoft, Lutterworth

At around midday on 13 July a male offender, in a Vauxhall combi van with the part reg of YS51 N** entered the yard of a farm premises in Wibtoft, had a good look around and then stole 3 gas bottles.

Incident 188 of 21 July - High Cross, Lutterworth

During the night of 19 into 20 July, offenders took down Harris fencing to enter a quarry premises in High Cross, Lutterworth.

Once on site, the offenders attempted to force open a metal storage container and caused damage to the door in the process.  They also smashed the windscreen of a vehicle and stole a quantity of red diesel from a digger.

Incident 68 of 22 July - Pitchill, Evesham

Between 17 and 22 July, offenders stole a cable, which had been installed in a trench in a remote field of a farm premises in Pitchill, Evesham. 

If you spot anything unusual or suspicious on your land or around your buildings, please contact Police on 101.  Before any crime there is usually some suspicious activity so stay alert and report, report, report.

Thank you
Julie Dale

Warwickshire Police

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