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@WAR - Rural Watch & Horse Watch Bulletin

Rural Watch & Horse Watch Bulletin – 23 April 2015

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at farms and rural homes across Warwickshire over recent days:

Incident 218 of 15 April - Bidford on Avon

Between 1 December 2014 and 15 April 2015, offenders removed 34 fattening lambs from farmland off Georges Elm Lane, Bidford on Avon.

Incident 181 of 21 April - Harbury, Leamington

At some point before 2.40pm on 21 April, offenders stole an electric shepherd energiser fence unit from a field containing horses at a farm premises in Ring Farm Road, Harbury.

Incident 28 of 19 April - Dordon

During the night of 18 into 19 April, offenders stole ironstone-edging rocks from the front of a rural home in Dordon.

Incident 280 of 18 April - Curdworth

Between 5.45am on 15 and 2pm on 18 April, offenders forced padlocks off stables at a rural home in Curdworth and then entered the premises.  It is not clear exactly what was stolen.

Incident 336 of 19 April - Ilmington

At around 10.30pm on 19 April, offenders attempted to get in to an agricultural workshop at a farm premises in Ilmington. The offenders quickly made off on foot once they were discovered and it is not clear if anything was stolen.

Incident 90 of 18 April - Combrook, Warwick

During the night of 17 into 18 April, offenders prised open the door of a garage at a rural home in Spring Lane, Combrook and entered the premises to steal a quad bike, a kids motorbike and a Kubota vehicle.  These vehicles were found abandoned in a nearby field and the offenders made off, leaving open a gate, causing sheep to get out of their field.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons or activity around your land and buildings and please report anything unusual, or of concern, to Police on 101.

Thank you
Julie Dale

Warwickshire Police

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