Friday, 17 April 2015

@ALL - What can I do to help keep rats away?

Rats carry a number of serious diseases including Weil’s disease, typhus, salmonella, and other zoonotic diseases.
Here are some ways in which you can help prevent and control rodent infestations in your area.
Rat Control (Good Housekeeping)
  • Rubbish and overgrown vegetation should be completely removed around houses and outbuildings as rats do not like exposed situations - deny them cover and you may well deny them access.
  • Rats need to be excluded from buildings so it is advisable to fill any holes in the brickwork of houses (holes round cables and pipes) and outbuildings which ideally should also have a solid base.
  •  Vines and other plants growing on walls should be cut back.
  • Cats and dogs will deter rodents but they will not get rid of an established infestation
  • Fine mesh should be fitted under compost bins to prevent rodent ingress
  • Air bricks and original metal air vents need to be in good repair. Optionally these should be covered with metal wire mesh to prevent any access.

Advice on Feeding Wild Birds
  • Given the choice between bread and nuts or rat poison a rat will more than likely go for the tastier option. By following these guideline on wild bird feeding you will maximise the effectiveness of any pest control treatment.
  • ·    Do not feed wild birds during pest control treatments for maximum effect
  • ·    Never put waste food on ground
  • ·    Peanut feeders are best as no residue lands on ground
  • ·    Remove feeders at night so not to feed rats
  • ·    Always wear gloves or wash hands when handling bird feeders

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