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@NAT - Credit Card Scammers 05/03/2014

Credit Card Scammers

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Credit Card Scammers Target Shrewsbury -  where next?
Between 7.30 – 9pm on Tue 4 March, a Castlefields resident received phone calls from a male claiming to be a police officer at Paddington Green police station who had arrested offenders suspected of cloning a credit card which had been used in an unsuccessful attempt to buy a Rolex watch.  The caller asked for account details and said a courier would call to collect the genuine bank card prior to its replacement.
The card was collected and £300 fraudulently withdrawn from the account before the card was cancelled.
Similar calls were received around 9pm on 4 March by a resident in
Sutton Road
. The victim gave a PIN over the phone but later refused to hand over the credit card when the “courier” called. The “courier” was described as an Asian male in his 20s, 6’2” tall and wearing a grey tracksuit.
A caller to a
Field Crescent
address, using the same scam and a WITHHELD phone number, gave the name Detective Constable Miller of Collindale Police Station; North London He explained the arrests and asked for bank account details.
On the same evening, “DC Miller of London Police” also called an address in Astley, Hadnall, claiming that an offender had been arrested attempting to use a cloned credit card to purchase a Rolex watch. He asked for the numbers on the genuine card and the PIN.
The scam caller to a resident of St Michael’s Street claimed to be a Chief Inspector who had two persons in custody suspected of fraudulently using a credit card in the resident’s name. In this case, the intended victim of the scam rang off. He did not have a credit card.
Similar incidents have been reported in Warwickshire and Worcestershire where police have issued general alerts and advise you to refuse to reveal personal and bank details to unknown callers without first making thorough checks.
Remember never give your bank details out to some one you do not know

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