Saturday, 11 March 2017

@SOU - Fenny Compton NW April Entry in Compton Chronicle


CyberTip - 5 Tips to Protect Yourself From the Spam in Your Inbox In summary
Do not Preview Your Emails / Do not Fall for the Phisher  / Friend or Foe? / Read your Email in Plain Text / Never Respond / It all boils down to  using your common sense (and a quality anti-virus program).

Are you a member? NW is free to join and helps to keep your community safe. More information Join online or get in touch with your coordinator (See The Directory). Some home security products are also available to members at a discount .

Handheld mobile phone use is now more costly. £200 and 6 points which means disqualification if you have held your license less than 2 years. Have a look at this and here is a challenge

Read this (with live links) and much more in The Stratford District NW Blog which is regularly updated. 

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