Sunday, 13 November 2016

@SOU - Compton Chronicle entry December 2016


Crime statistics - South Warwickshire has seen a significant increase in crime over the last 12 months. The police have seen spikes in the following :
  • Theft of quad bikes  and trailers, even when locked in outbuildings.
  • Theft of and from tradesmen's vans, in one case the van had been left open but was being accessed constantly.
  • Burglary, house and burglary other (i.e. shed or garden)
There is much helpful advice on keeping your property safe on the rural watch website
The police have a number of initiatives targeting rural crime but one of their most useful resources is the eyes and ears of the public; please call 101 and report any suspicious activity ASAP.
Property marking - To help keep your valuables safe mark them with your postcode and house name or number. Free loan of marking kits and advice are available in FC from neighbourhood watch.
Police Support Volunteers - There are vacancies for volunteers at most police stations in Stratford District. They are suitable for unemployed school leavers to gain skills and build experience in the workplace or those who have retired from full-time employment. In the former case a certificate will be earned for satisfactory performance; the minimum age is 17. To see what positions are available search for Police Support Volunteers on the Warwickshire Police website.
Number Plate theft should be reported without delay by calling 101. The sooner the police have this information to feed to ANPR cameras the more chance they have of stopping  the vehicle before a crime takes place and the less explaining you will have to do to exonerate yourself. Also report the theft  to the DVLA  at an early opportunity.
SCAM Calls - If you get annoyed by unwanted calls try signing up to the free Telephone Preference Service If you find that you are still receiving nuisance calls there are several call blocking phones available that will screen calls before you answer. Never ever give financial or personal information to a cold caller. Hang up and either wait for 10 minutes for the line to clear or use another phone to call the organisation on a number you know to be correct.
CyberTip - Scam email There seem to be an increasing number of scam emails that at first sight come from a friend or colleague. As well as the name check the email address and don't open if it looks suspicious. If you do open an email without taking this precaution and it contains little more than a link, it is a scam, don not click on the link and  delete the email. Also contact the supposed sender and advise them to do a virus scan on their computer/device.

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