Friday, 15 January 2016

@SOU - Trailer therfts

We have had a couple of incidents trailer thefts
Incident 164 - 30/12/15 - overnight a Single axle metal Ifor Williams trailer with spare wheel was stolen from a residential property in Long Itchington the trailer was secured.
Incident 130 - 13/01/16 between 09/01/15 - 10/01/15 A 8x4 wooden and metal trailer with drop down tail board was stolen from a property in Southam.
Incident 248 - 14/01/2016 -  between 15.00hrs - 18.00hrs a single axle Ifor Williams trailer was stolen from a farm near Calcutt. The trailer had a drop down tail board.
Please attempt to secure your trailer with a clamp, make it harder for the criminal by attaching a chain and make a note of the chassis number.
A hightop silver transit type van bearing an irish number plate has been reported on farms, two males have approached farmers asking if they would like to buy garden furniture.  Please make a decreet note of vehicle registration markers that you do not recognise or should not be on your farm please advise the team at Southam.
Kind regards
Southam Farm watch
Telephone 01926 684984
Voicemail 14984

Please access our website for the latest news in the Stratford District and also Southam SNT newsletters. In a non emergency or to report a crime dial 101

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