Wednesday, 12 November 2014

@WEL - Police Report

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team Report
This is the first of our new, regular and revised report from the Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team covering the wards of Snitterfield, Wellesbourne, Kineton and Burton Dassett.
The following incidents, for the period from 1st - 9th November, have been reported and the team are appealing for witnesses: 

02.11.14 Incident No. 0242
Suspicious Incident:
A cover sheet was removed from a BMW parked on the road and there is a concern that the vehicle may be a target for theft.
Wellesbourne – St Peter’s Road
06.11.14 Incident No. 0209
Vehicle Damage:
The offside door mirror was ripped off a vehicle parked on the road. This has been reported as vandalism and not a result of a traffic collision. There have been a number of incidents of vehicles being damaged in this area and you are asked to report any suspicious activity.
Snitterfield – Upper Fulbrook
06.11.14 – Incident 0225
The rear door to the property was forced open and rings, silver and a Rolex watch were stolen.
If you have any information relating to these incidents, then please contact the Stratford Police Station using the non-emergency number 101 or email the team:
 …. And final this is not likely to bother you at home, but if you are a driver it is something to be aware of. There have been two incidents reported of deer being injured by vehicles, one in the Redhill area of Wellesbourne and one on the Fosseway near to Halford. Please drive carefully when going through wooded areas.
If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions for the Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team please call this number: 01789 444600, or by email to:
There will be another update next week, in the meantime you may like to visit this new website which has a wealth of useful information:

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