Sunday, 11 May 2014

@WEL - Recent incident in Wellesbourne

Yesterday my elderly parents came back from shopping and noticed a short man wearing a woolly hat and Wellington boots knocking on doors on the Dovehouse estate. He eventually knocked on their door and offered to power wash the front drive for only £5 per metre. He told them he would show them what he could do so then the garage was opened so he could access the water supply.

He proceeded to clean the whole drive without permission and demanded £350 in payment. He was offered a cheque but refused abruptly and said that he would take my mother to the hole in the wall. They refused to pay £350 so he told them he would let them have it for £300.

They paid him just to get rid of him as they were frightened of what he could do. They rummaged around the house for £300 cash.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of this scam, do not let him show you what he does.

Police have been informed.

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