Sunday, 29 December 2013

@NAT - Public WIFI - Securing your life online

Advice from the identity theft experts: 

The lowdown on public WIFI
A recent study conducted by Experian Consumer Services revealed the following facts about our Public WIFI use in the UK.
  • Half of Britons who use public WIFI, don't know whether it's secure

  • One in ten use public WIFI for online banking

  • 36% of WIFI hotspots checked in London were completely unsecure
While these statistics are quite shocking, there's no need to panic with our great tips on staying safe online...

  • Where possible, save important tasks like online banking until you are at home on a secure network

  • Turn off automatic connection on your devices

  • Check for the padlock icon at the left of the address bar or for 'https' in the URL which are signs that the site is secure

  • Consider getting a personal VPN which can protect your data as it travels over open WIFI connections

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