Friday, 27 September 2013

@ALL - Amazon infected email scam

Beware of emails (see below) purporting to come from Amazon (or any other online retailer) that don't give details of your purchases and have zipped attachments.


  • The attachment is infected - Make sure that your anti-virus is up to date
  • There is no name or purchase details in the body of the email - it is totally generic
  • Amazon do not use attachments
If you do have an infected computer use your AV software's recommended procedure for recovery. 
If you suspect that your computer is infected and is not protected you can get a free scan from most of the reputable AV vendors. Just Google "free antivirus scan"


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your order. We’ll let you know once your item(s) have dispatched.You can check the status of your order or make changes to it by visiting Your Orders on

Order Details

Order #:A--2589212-7735722
Placed on September 26, 2013
Order details and invoice in attached file.
Need to make changes to your order? Visit our Help page for more information and video guides.
We hope to see you again soon.

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