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WAR - Trading Standards Update

29/07/2013 Blue Badge Service Warning
Users of blue badges are warned to beware of conmen operating in the Warwick area, falsely claiming to be from the ‘Blue Badge Service’.
One elderly resident had an unexpected visit from two men who called at her house offering ‘help’ with her blue badge. One asked about her stair lift and both gained access to her property, obtaining her key safe number.

29/07/2013 Data Fax Warning
Warwickshire businesses are warned to beware of faxes from ‘organisations’ asking them to ‘update’ or ‘verify’ company data. This warning comes after a Rugby business reported to Trading Standards receiving a fax requesting updated company data.
The small print on the fax revealed that had the company provided the information and faxed the document back, they would have unwittingly signed up to a monthly registration fee of 97 Euros! 

29/07/2013 Expo Warning
Trading Standards are warning businesses that attend exhibitions to be careful what they sign up for after a North Warwickshire business received a demand for advertising. The business had thought they had completed an exhibition survey but had in fact unwittingly signed an advertising agreement!

29/07/2013 Phone Microsoft Scam
A consumer reported to Warwickshire Trading Standards that his elderly father had experienced unexpected problems with his computer, ending in a pop up appearing on his screen asking him to phone Microsoft on the number given in the pop up to resolve the problem.
He did so and spoke to someone he believed was a Microsoft representative. The consumer provided his credit card to pay for the ‘fix’ but fortunately his bank prevented any transactions being made.
The consumer’s computer had in fact contracted a virus that caused the problems and created the pop up, directing the user to the bogus Microsoft employee!

29/07/2013 ‘Free’ Magazine Trial Scam
A consumer reported to Warwickshire Trading Standards receiving an unexpected phone call from a company to tell her that they would be receiving a ‘free’ magazine trial which they could cancel within 14 days. The consumer provided their card details but money was immediately taken from their account. Never provide your credit card details to unexpected callers.

29/07/2013 Cold Calling Health Questionnaire
Warwickshire residents are warned to beware of cold calls from people asking health questions. A resident reported the matter after believing she was speaking to a hospital.
These unexpected calls are likely to be from marketing companies gathering information that they can then sell on. Never provide personal or financial information to unexpected or cold callers.

29/07/2013 Burglar Alarm Sales Warwick
Consumers in Warwick are warned to beware of cold calls from companies offering ‘free’ burglar alarms. Such alarms typically come with expensive monitoring contracts and may be completely unsuitable for the needs of the individual resident. Always speak to your local Police crime prevention officer or NHW before making any security alarm purchasing decisions.

29/07/2013 Mobile Phone ValuationsBe very cautious before you send your old mobile phone away for a valuation/to be sold. Warwickshire Trading Standards has received a number of complaints from consumers who sent their phones for valuation, only to find that the price quoted was much less than they were expecting. Having requested their phone back it did not then arrive!

Always check the companies you intend to use carefully. Google the company name to see what others are saying about them.

29/07/2013 Bogus Community Police Officer

Warwickshire Trading Standards are warning Kenilworth consumers and businesses to beware of unexpected cold calls from people falsely claiming to be Community Support Officers. The callers offer advertising space in an information booklet which they claim will be sent to local schools and which relates to sports facilities for children.
In reality the callers work for bogus publications companies who con people in to buying advertising in publications with little or no circulation (and therefore no worth). They often falsely claim to be working for a local emergency service to give them legitimacy.

Please feel free to cascade this information to whomever you feel appropriate (including using the information in your newsletters/websites etc.).

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