Friday, 7 June 2013

SOU - Community Forum Priorities - Southam/Feldon

The following options have been identified by the Southam Safer Neighbourhood Team from their liaison with the public during their surgeries. Please vote for the option YOU consider most important to YOU
Attendees at Harbury Rugby Football Club on Wednesday 12th June from 6.30 pm will have opportunity to cast their votes by a show of hands. The results of the on-line vote will be added to those taken at the forum and the 3 options with the most votes will be agreed as the priorities for the next 3 months.
The closing date for Southam is Tuesday 11th June.

Help set the Police Priorities for the next 3 months                  
 Priority 1: Speeding
 Priority 2: Drug supply and use
 Priority 3: Parking issues - Parking at schools during pick-up and drop-off periods.
 Priority 4: Drink Drive.
 Priority 5: Burglary / Theft Patrols.

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